August 2, 2021


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Women and Ministry

July’s issue on the role of women in the Bible and in the church was outstanding! I was inspired by the remarkable women who have made a difference in our lives. The long list of women and ministry in our church is inspiring for their dedication and love for God. I was a student of Leona G. Running’s at the seminary. Many people don’t know that in her early days she was the secretary of R. M. Rabello, my father-in law. She was an outstanding teacher. She made me love Hebrew! We can also consider laywomen, like my mother, who after embracing this message went to the city of Lages, Santa Catarina, Brazil, and started the first church in our home. Today there are five churches in the city. Praise the Lord for Ellen White, and all the  women of this church.

Leo Ranzolin, Sr.
Estero, Florida

Thank you for including the “Time Line: Women and Ministry in the Adventist Church” in the July Adventist Review. May I suggest two corrections? First, Sarah Lindsey’s preaching ministry in New York and Pennsylvania actually lasted for 30 years (1868-1898); she died in 1914 at the age of 84.  Second, the omitted date 1881 is important to women’s ministry because the General Conference in session passed a resolution that women, with the necessary qualifications, might, with perfect propriety, be ordained to the gospel ministry by the laying on of hands. That motion was tabled.

Brian E. Strayer
Berrien Springs, Michigan

Eternity’s Coming 

I always enjoy reading Clifford Goldstein’s column in the Review. They always cause me to think, and his July article, “Eternity’s Coming,” was no different. He mentioned Elizabeth Wurtzel’s memoir where she concludes, “It all seems pointless in light of the fact that we’re all going to die eventually.”

When I read this, I thought how sad that someone would look at life this way! For me as a Christian, I look at life and death as just the opposite. After we take our last breath, it’s just the blink of an eye, and we will be resurrected! When we compare a long life to the blink of an eye, it makes death seem short!

Thanks, Cliff, for writing things that get us to think.

Benjamin Anderson
Sublimity, Oregon

Bill Knott Should Write A Book

It was good to read Bill Knott’s editorial in the June issue, but also his article “Can We Trust Our Leaders?” He quoted Gary Wills: “We have thousands of books on leadership, none on followership.” The next five paragraphs then give the most insightful guide to following the right leaders. I wish Bill would now write that first book on followership.

R. Lynn Sauls
Fitchburg, Massachusetts

Adventist MatchMakers

I am a firm believer in Adventist education as a main evangelism tool to create generations of Adventist families. But I was disappointed when reading the news article on Adventist education in the June issue that no mention was made of the major role Adventist colleges and even academies play in matchmaking us with fellow believers.

On June 15 my husband and I celebrated our fifty-second wedding anniversary. We met at Atlantic Union College. Our two daughters met their spouses at Southwestern Adventist University. Our grandchildren are now experiencing relationships at Adventist academies and colleges.

This component of Adventist education—helping to create and connect the ongoing Adventist community—cannot be underestimated!

Nancy Daniels Nelson
Riverside, California

The Review Touches My Life

I am thrilled to express how the Adventist Review has touched my life. I was brought up in the Adventist faith in Zimbabwe. I have read the Review from the fourth grade onward. In Zimbabwe we didn’t always have the privilege of getting the current issue, but whenever we received them, my heart was filled with joy and gladness. I always looked forward to reading the magazine and learning more about the different aspects of our faith and the body of the world church. Thank you, and may God be praised for the sacred work you do.

Nyasha P. Chiyangwa  
Hollis, New York

Seeing Both Sides

I personally appreciate the articles in the Review that help educate us on the need for getting COVID-19 vaccinations. Unfortunately, the response was highly politicized at the start, and such disinformation continues strong today. My friends and family represent the entire scope of positions. The letters of protests do not answer for me the question: “Am I my brother’s keeper?”

Name Withheld

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Deliver Us From Procrastination

Oh, how I can relate to this issue! I too have found myself on the wrong end of a bargain when I delayed action. When that happens, I am more resolved to be decisive at the next opportunity by His grace!

Valerie Wise

Should Your Local Church Get Involved with Other Churches and Organizations?

The need for Adventists to collaborate becomes more urgent as millions are misled and trapped by the deceptions of Satan. We need to understand, relate, befriend, and teach, through love, the truths that so many yearn for. The COVID-19 pandemic is but a dry run for us to engage others of varied faith and beliefs. Many of us may never get another opportunity to connect freely with others. Let us break out of our walls and take the gospel to everyone.

Yvonne Lawson

What I’ve Gained by Being an Adventist Christian

Long ago I came to the conclusion that if there is nothing beyond the grave (which I reject), I am much better off today, and my life has been enriched by my belief in the Seventh-day Adventist (Christian) message that I have been taught and that I believe.

Gregory Matthews


I have never heard this story in my lifetime. This should be taught in our Bible classes in our church.

Melanio Calayag

Mental Health is Health—It’s All a Gift from God

Insight is a gift, too, and helps with healing.

Sheila M. Cronin

The Same Old Whine (Of Babylon)

Goldstein nailed it!

Diana Iversen