June 29, 2021


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Science and the Gospel

Kudos to the contributors and editors for the superb topics addressed in your May 2021 issue: “Science and the Gospel.” These are issues many of us regularly confront when we share our understanding of what life is all about with our non-Adventist, non-Christian, agnostic, or atheist friends. The overall emphasis on how to relate, rather than how to win arguments, was insightful and welcome. Please send us more issues that tackle the challenging real-world conversations we so often have with those for whom the idea of God as the Creator, who also loves us, is not a living reality.

Gerhard Haas
Napa, California

Congratulations for devoting the entire May issue to the topic “Science and the Gospel.” The articles are substantial and varied in their approach. It is encouraging to see younger authors coming to this arena and making their contributions.

Humberto M. Rasi

Teach our Boys Well

In the June 2021 Adventist Review, the article by Andy Nash entitled “Boys Will Be Men,” brother Nash refers to an old saying “Boys will be boys” which is often used to explain, excuse, or approve some unnecessary or improper things boys (or men) will say or do. Recently, in my e-mail, there was a suggested response and better replacement of that expression: “Boys will be . . . what they are taught.” This seems to be a more preemptive response to prevent improper remarks or actions and good counsel for our parents and our educators.

Richard Lane
Livonia, Michigan

Courage and Candor

Thank you, Bill, for your courage and insightful comments about the importance of transparency and candidness. While this approach can make things messy at first, light and truth always have a way of emerging out of the chaos. This was true at the time of Creation and is no less true today. Our church will become more relevant to all segments when everyone feels they have a voice that is respected and valued.

Dick Tibbits
via e-mail

I was indeed happy to read in the May edition of Adventist Review that we continue to be a worldwide church. I remember Pastor Robert H. Pierson saying that he wanted to make the General Conference more international. So that was how M. S. Nigri and I came to the General Conference in 1970, the first leaders from the South American Division. I also remember my first devotional at Annual Council in 1971 in the Takoma Park church, where most of the participants were from North America! We praise God for the vision of our leaders in this great division who have helped financially and in leading the world field. Today the church is represented from all continents of the world. It is indeed a worldwide movement. May the Lord bless Pastors Juan Prestol-Puesán and G. T. Ng for their service in their retirement and the new leaders, Pastors Erton Köhler and Paul Douglas, as they, with Pastor Ted Wilson, continue to lead our church until Jesus comes in glory and majesty!

Leo Ranzolin, Sr.
Estero, Florida

Getting Caught Up 

Having gotten behind in my reading and catching up on old Reviews, I had the pleasant surprise of coming across Douglas Zinke’s article “When It Comes Time to Choose,” Adventist Review, September 2016. I appreciate his emphasis on making sure that the future of our “movement” is attending a college where their faith is strengthened and their fervor for our mission is fueled.

Marlan Knittel

Comments from AdventistReview.org

Young Adventist Filmmaker Turns Bible Prophecy into YouTube Hit

He continues to be a blessing in our lives and giving an example for the glory of God!

Marta Irene Seguinot-Torres

The Authority of the Church

I have struggled with this concept for many years and felt it was used wrongly many times. So I didn’t even believe we should practice this as a church. But reading this article showed me again why, if done correctly, it is a good thing.

Shelley Fischer

After Being Lost at Sea for Two DayS, Adventist Boys Found

Thank God for directing the searchers in the right direction to find the boys. God bless everyone, including the police, for making the effort to rescue the boys from certain death. All praise to God.


Can Eating a More Plant-Based Diet Save You Money?

One thing that people should always put to mind when going on a plant-based diet is that, despite the healthfulness of all-green meals, you still have to put in effort to make it work. You have to make a vegan diet plan to know what meals to eat and when, sprinkle in exercises every now and then, along with other specifications.

Name Withheld

Worship Through Song: Could Adventists Do Better?

Amen. I have often struggled with contemporary hymns in which only the musicians can sing because more than half the congregation can’t sing along. I wish we could go back to good old singing.

Emmanuel Moyo

Congregational singing is the best form of worship in music, even if a capella.

Gordon Jura

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