April 1, 2021


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Sabbath Afternoons

Most Sabbath afternoons I drive 53 miles to visit my 96-year-old mother. After supper she will often stay at the table to read the latest Review with her magnifying glass. Just a few minutes ago this evening she looked up to comment how she always appreciates Bill Knott’s articles and editorials. She said she thinks he’s not only a good writer but a good Christian. And then she returned to her reading. From my experience, I agree and think the same applies to most of your authors. May God continue to bless the staff and authors as they play their important role in hastening Christ’s coming!

Larry Crews
Silver Spring, Maryland

The Humanity of Adventists

During COVID we have spent many hours reading our library of missionary stories. We have read books on the early missionaries to China, books on the early work in the South Pacific, plus many more stories of pioneers for God in the United States and around the world.  All of these inspire and humble us. It’s true that most of these books were published in the 1960s, 1970s, or 1980s, and they may no longer be available. If so, that could be why many young people become disenchanted with what they see in the church, not realizing that so many before them gave years of their life to spread the love of God to those who needed to hear it the most. Perhaps some of the “oldies but goodies” could be digitized for the tablets and phones.

Judy Halleron 
Marble, North Carolina

Life in the Balance

The article, “Life in the Balance,” by Bruce Nicola, Jr. (January 4) has left an unforgettable image in my mind. It is seldom we read about suicide and come away with such a balanced, realistic view of this tragic subject. We know our heavenly Father is compassionate, for we know “He has borne our griefs and carried our sorrows.” Yet this author, writing from the depth of his own grief as he mourns the loss of his son to suicide, gives those words new meaning as he pictures the agony of the King of the universe kneeling and weeping beside the one who is taking his own life. That victim is not only someone’s earthly son, but also God’s son. God has no words of condemnation—He didn’t come to condemn, but to save. May God help us be more like our loving and compassionate Father when tragedies occur.

Eunice Fisher
Perryton, Texas


I was introduced to you [Bill Knott] by Mark Cady, and for some reason every time you write a GraceNote it is like you are talking to me directly. I just want to say that it feels to me that every time your pen hits that paper it is like Jesus Himself has ahold of your hand. Thank you.

Stafford Smith
via e-mail

To Whom It May Concern

“To Whom It May Concern,” by Dixil Rodríguez: her articles are always the first I turn to when the magazine arrives, and this one was the best ever! It is good to know that she is now an assistant editor. But as I read this article, I was overcome with a deep sadness thinking of all the patients and families who will no longer receive her very thoughtful, loving, comforting, unhurried care when they are in such desperate need.

Betty Templeton Ora
San Clemente, California

Comments from  AdventistReview.org

Thankful to Be Alive!

I was moved and enlightened by such a candid and thoughtful sharing of events, reactions, reflections, and decisions. A few minutes of exposure to violence left such far-reaching consequences on the writer, and he was not even a target. I cannot even imagine what it takes for millions of humans to live in violent conditions for extended periods of time and to know that, for reasons they cannot change, they are a target indeed. Their resilience and their commitment to love, to hope, and to serve are a mystery and an undeniable sign of God’s active presence in the midst of human tragedy.

Adrian Bocaneanu

Until Tomorrow

Oh, so sad! I have been blessed with Miss Mollie’s ministry through 3ABN. Thank you, Sister Jill, for sharing.

Ben Naikatini

Love Letters

What a beautiful article! Thank you for such sweet reminders.

Martha Danforth

What Ellen White Did During A pandemic

History is still teaching valuable spiritual lessons.

Francine Turgott Ricketts

Memorializing again: viewing black history month in the wake of 2020

Leesa, thank you. True disciples embrace the tie that binds us—Jesus. They’re brave, not afraid to live out the character of Christ, to love their neighbor as they love themselves. And it applies to more than just one month out of the year.

Ron Francis

A Censor’s glowing goals

Excellent article summarizing the conditions under which we currently live and worse ones that are fast approaching. I strongly support the views expressed in this article. John Milton has some powerful statements against book censorship in Areopagitica. We are fast becoming a culture that is thin-skinned and hard-hearted toward those who disagree with us when Jesus has called us to be thick-skinned and soft-hearted. Thank you again for your thoughts here.

Melissa Brotton


In the March edition we published the obituary of Adventist theologian Johann “Hans” Heinz. Unfortunately, several inaccuracies made
it into the article. An updated version of the story can be found at https://bit.ly/3cnEdNS.