December 1, 2020


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October Edition

“I was inspired by the excellent articles about the three angels’ messages as they relate to the tumultuous times in which we live. I agree that the key message that permeates them all is to worship the Lamb and proclaim it to the world before the soon coming of our Savior.

I was impressed by the messages of young and old, men and women, faithful members, and their understanding of the basic doctrines of our church. Thanks to our leaders in all levels, they believe in the firm foundation.

Leo Ranzolin, Sr.
Estero, Florida

The October Review was great, and the many contributors were appreciated.

“Me and the Angels” provided food for thought. Some on the Internet have asked help to identify the last-day church—who they are, and is it a specific denomination? Are angels going about proclaiming the three messages of Revelation 14? Some cannot accept that we, not literal angels, are these messengers.

As pointed out in “Three Angels’ Messages: the Basics,” by Lael Caesar: “Human beings are the angel messengers of God’s good news.” Since 1844, time is short.   

As to the point of the last-day church, I can identify them with certainty as, “Those who keep God’s commands and hold fast their testimony about Jesus” (Rev. 12:17). Does that verse identify a specific denomination, or does it indicate who they really are? Whatever the denomination, I know that they keep the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus. They proclaim the judgment hour of Daniel 8:14 and the three angels’ messages of Revelation 14:6-8.

I rest my case.

Robert Rouillard
Lakewood, Washington

Maybe it’s me, but I found 20 pages of the three angels’ messages a bit much. We all know the significant role those messages play in our denominational history and ethos, but there’s only so much that can be said before we start repeating ourselves.

The three angels’ messages may strike a chord with our established members, but I challenge them to translate the gospel into terms that our modern, mostly secular society can identify with. We risk seeming irrelevant if we can’t tie the everlasting gospel to issues important to our neighbors.

J. J. Aragon
Chicago, Illinois


In response to Andy Nash’s “Fonzie, Sea World, and Siamese Twins” (October 2020): what an incredible paragraph on culture! Thank you from a heart that must “wait with quietness and faith.”

Culture’s interesting elements include (1) everything I do not question out of ignorance; (2) everything I will not question by choice or fear; (3) everything I will not allow you to question by pain of force.

A culture may become established by those in a group who have risen in significance, influence, or strength. The “significants” create the rules and maintain them with shame. Fear and hierarchy are two components of culture that will not be present in an eternal kingdom. How can there be either when all are loved equally beyond comprehension in the infinite absence of shame?

Sometimes the greatest threat to culture is growth.

Clif Freese
Glendive, Montana

The Sanctuary Doctrine

I felt as if I had discovered a priceless treasure after reading the concise, practical, insightful, brief article “The Sanctuary Doctrine,” by Richard Davidson (September 2020). Thank you very much.

Helmuth Fritz

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What You Should Remember Before You Vote

This is well written and clearly thought out. We need God to direct our political ideas and decisions and not allow politics to control our faith and our God.

Mark Bugbee

We are not warring against flesh and blood. We must pray without ceasing; human instruments such as the vote are insufficient when one stands in opposition to an antichrist. We should all be sober: we are living in the final moments of earth’s history.

Phillip Brantley

How I Found Hope and Meaning Through Sabbath School

What a beautiful testimony! Praise God for using Hope Sabbath School to share the truth about His immeasurable, unfailing love!

Derek Morris

Mr. Leno’s letter (October 2020) noted that my article, “God’s Hand in History” (August 2020), needed a better focus on God’s intervention in all history. I deal with that important truth in Jud Lake, A Nation in God’s Hands, pp. 156, 157. My August article was specifically focused on God’s involvement with America’s history.

Jud Lake, Southern Adventist University

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