November 1, 2020


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Adventist Spanish Pioneers

I was delighted to see the article by Manuel Vasquez on the pioneers of Adventist Spanish-language broadcasting. I immediately recognized the photo of the first radio speaker: Braulio Pérez, with my uncle, Manuel Nestares, the announcer of La Voz for several decades. However, imagine my chagrin when I saw my uncle labeled by a totally different name. Can this be corrected?

Congratulations on the timely and excellent articles of the past few months. They have been very helpful in these trying times. Also, the doctrinal articles remind us of the reason for our faith. Thank you for your hard work and commitment to excellence.

Selma Chaij Mastrapa
Beltsville, Maryland 

The article “Broadcasting the Good News” (September 2020) states that Juan Eduardo Pérez was the announcer of La Voz de la Profecía/Esperanza for some years. But the announcer shown in the photograph is Manuel Nestares, who was from Argentina and became the announcer later.

Life, Liberty, Acccessibility

In an issue dedicated to highlighting Adventist uniqueness, I was gratified to see an article about inclusivity. I wish more of our pastors would preach about breaking down barriers of race, gender, and economics. In this Adventists are not unique. But while the national conversation is all about doubt and division, people have to be reminded that we’re all descended from the same heavenly Father.

Kevin Bryson
Orlando, Florida

What are We Becoming?

Congratulations to all who have emphasized our need to be inclusive and welcoming as a denomination. Most of us agree that a church should be a hospital for sinners, not a rest home for saints. But a hospital is where we go to get well, not a place to proclaim that it is OK to be sick.

What has happened to being “born again” or “becoming a new creature in Christ”? What is the point in calling someone out of Babylon when they simply bring Babylon along with them? I have, unfortunately, seen numerous examples of this in our local churches, and it has even worked its way up to leadership levels of local churches and beyond.

As we look around at the signs of the times in our world today, are we sure our denomination is not becoming one of them?

Robert L. Strube
Deer Island, Oregon

Thank You

Thank you, Adventist Review! I have followed the Review since it was my mother’s Sabbath afternoon reading as I was growing up in New England. Thank you for preserving our history!

Karen Carpenter
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The Chosen of God: What Does the Lord Require?

I do appreciate this post; it explains revival and reformation and what God wants for us. Thank God for giving this inspiring message to us. Let’s read Micah 6:8 thoroughly.

Desmond Dut Achier
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Opening the Door to Fairness

The late justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg disagreed with some legal positions taken by the Adventist denomination. It should not be assumed that she was always wrong. I often support the Adventist position. But there have been times when I did not believe that the Adventist position was in accord with the statute. On occasion we have chosen to litigate a case that was poorly chosen, and when we lost established precedent, that was not helpful to us. We have also chosen to advocate positions unnecessary to our spiritual life that infringed upon the civil rights of others. In short, we have sometimes needed someone who would set us on a corrective direction of action.

Justice Ginsburg may have served us when we did not understand that she had served us.

Gregory Matthews
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After my Mom Died From COVID-19

What a beautiful testimony by a loving son of God. May God continue to be with Stephen Moethepo and his precious family, and may each of us take his words to heart as sad times and the temptations of Satan come to us throughout our lives.

Praise God for using others to reach us through His Holy Spirit during these turbulent times. May we meet each other and his mother in heaven when Jesus comes to take us home.

Lynette Mcdermotte
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About 62 percent of members reported that they had been visited by their pastor in the past 12 months. That is not a bad number; I expected it to be far lower. Typically, Adventist pastors have several hundred households in their membership list, and if they are visiting those households this often, they are neglecting the nonmember opportunities for visitation, as well as investing the kind of time that they should in community involvement.

Monte Sahlin
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Genesis: A Scientific Account?

Any questions as to whether the Genesis account of creation is correct are answered by looking at the fourth commandment, which was written by God Himself. I’m not even a novice when it comes to the original Hebrew text. But on the face of it, there’s no confusion in the words “for in six days the Lord made the heavens and the earth, the sea, and all that is in them” (Ex. 20:11). Question answered.

William K. Weber
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