May 1, 2020


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We Are Not Afraid

Coronavirus is here. People are dying, but we can help. Buying groceries for those at risk, educating about bettering the immune system, or offering other needed aid is being Christ’s hands and feet. By what we do we could save many people. There is yet no treatment for coronavirus, but we can still fight it. We can share our life-giving health message. We will be able to help when no one else wants to, or no one else can.

Now is the time to be medical missionaries; now is the time to meet people’s needs. This is our time to show God’s love to the world, when many are fleeing and fearing. We are not afraid. We can have a spirit of power and love, and a sound mind. We can save lives.

Heidi Krick
Clovis, California

Happy Cereal Day

We are disappointed to see the article entitled “Happy Cereal Day!” written by Wilona Karimabadi in the Adventist Review (March 2020). We’d expect that the editorial team would be inclusive and take a worldwide view of the church and its operations, particularly those that are fully owned and operated by the Adventist Church.

We share exactly the same heritage stemming from Battle Creek Sanitarium and the visionary leadership of Ellen G. White and her son Willie White, which we continue to uphold today. Instead, the article singularly focuses on our biggest competitor. We would be grateful for your considered worldwide view in future articles.

Julie Praestiin
Sanitarium, The Health Food Company, Australia

Oops! You’ve reminded us of our commitment to speak to the whole Adventist family and its mission around the globe.—Editors

Listen to the Word

Gerhard Pfandl asked the question in “Listen to the Word”: “So which version shall we use?” (January 2020). He mentioned 11 Bibles in the article, and in 2018 and 2019 I took on the task of reading as many New Testament versions as I could. This included the ones he mentioned and eight more I added to the list. I am now on the New American Standard Bible.

I concluded that all the versions say the same thing. My favorite verse, Matthew 11:27, remains intact. “All things are delivered unto me of my Father: and no man knoweth the Son, but the Father; neither knoweth any man the Father, save the Son, and he to whomsoever the Son will reveal him” (KJV).

Thank You, Father, for introducing me to Jesus, and thank You, Jesus, for introducing me to the Father, for You all speak in many versions and in many languages.

Robert Rouillard
Lakewood, Washington

A Whole-Church Response

The interview “Needed: A Whole-Church Response,” with Bill Knott and Dr. Peter Landless, was informative and interesting.

Ronny Nalin’s article “In Six Days” was a disappointment. Many of us nature lovers do glory in God’s creation. We Bible readers also can find many texts that direct us to our Creator God. It would have been helpful, and worthy of his profession, had the writer provided defensible information that would have helped us consider and explore areas in which we have questions about the difficulties with a short creation. The writer is almost suggesting, without saying it, that since we believe the Genesis creation story, we are not even to think about the how, why, and where.

Arleen Downing
San Luis Obispo, California

The Coronavirus and the Gospel

Thank you so much for this inspiring article. It has encouraged me to keep believing and trusting in God. Inasmuch as the virus may seem to be stronger than us, God’s power is still above it. He is surely going to see us through it.

Tabitha Ezra
via web

Avoiding Extremism

A far more contagious and deadly virus has infected 100 percent of us. Let’s spread love, the only cure—John 3:16! Ellen White wrote: “As soon as there was sin, there was a Saviour” (The Desire of Ages, p. 210).

This is a timely article that all Adventists should read and contemplate.

John Allen
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Closer to home

At least three Adventists dead, 53 infected with COVID-19 in Spain.

May God be with our members and everyone.

Innocent Siachitoba
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Community Needs

I loved the articles “One Community at a Time” and “Be Our Guests” (April 2020).

I’ve known Don and Marti Schneider for years, and I could hear Marti’s voice as I read her words.

And the article about the Green Lake church’s efforts to provide housing to those with family members in the hospital was an outstanding example of serving others when they are at their most vulnerable. What an inspired ministry!

Thank you for practical articles about breaking down barriers and reaching others with tangible demonstrations of Christ’s love.

J. J. Aragon
Chicago, Illinois

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