March 1, 2020


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6 1 1 7Tribute to Kari Paulsen

“Gracious” is the adjective that always comes to mind whenever I think of my dear friend Kari Paulsen. Although she fought constant discomfort most of her 85 years, Kari was unfailingly appreciative of any small kindness or favor shown her. She was gracious in every sense of the word. May I allow the love of Jesus to fill my life as Kari did hers.

Carole Colburn
Royal Palm Beach, Florida


Thanks to Sandra Blackmer for the dogs in church article “Woof” (February 2020). Blackmer and I go back 10 years or more. She wrote an article for the Review in 2010 called, “The Dog With the Big Heart,” about Fawn, our first pet therapy greyhound. We are now on our third greyhound, Ollie. He’ll be certified soon and on the job at our local hospital, as well as being in church here in Maine every week.

Russell Johnson
via e-mail

The Pulse Café

I was so glad to read the article about the Pulse Café ( It’s great that we as a church are venturing out into this relatively unexplored area of evangelism and showing God’s love to others.

In today’s increasingly secular society, in which people show very little interest in God, we need to see more of this kind of outreach. This is how Christ ministered to others. It’s important not just to evangelize with preaching and door-to-door outreach, but also in ways that reach a person’s needs. Restaurant outreach perfectly fits this kind of evangelism. If customers like the food and atmosphere, they’ll keep coming, which will present them with even more opportunities to learn.

When will we as a church fully embrace these methods? When we begin reaching out to people like this, we will truly bring many to Christ!

Torin Martell
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I am particularly moved by this article. I often think: Surely there are other ways of acquainting people with our faith other than public evangelism. This is a refreshing article about how a few members have thought about helping their community. Six hundred to 800 for Sunday brunch? Pulse Café is surely meeting community needs. May their efforts be crowned with success. This model needs to be replicated all over the world.

Norman W. M. Thompson
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A Message of Gratitude from Former General Conference President Jan Paulsen

Jan Paulsen’s words convey the heart of who he is: a loving, kind, thoughtful Christian gentleman. He and Kari are true role models for all of us.

Dick Stenbakken
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We are not Saved to be Hermits in a Cave

Nice work! I wish more Adventist churches could share a similar vision and actually do something for the community.

Nikesha Creft
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The Second American Civil War

In the Middle East, religious leaders on both sides call everyone to choose a side. Historically, Seventh-day Adventists have chosen to be neutral, because our beliefs tell us that bloodlines no longer matter (Gal. 3:26-29). Our denomination is also one of the most diverse Protestant denominations, based upon our strong beliefs that all people are loved by God regardless of skin color. In the current political climate we must choose to be “above” the political bickering on both sides, regardless of our personal preferences and leanings. We must move beyond our personal biases, political leanings, national patriotisms, etc., because we have a higher loyalty to God and His kingdom. His principles tell us we must love our enemies. We are citizens of heaven, not earth. There are good people on both sides and in other denominations. We must be able to reach out lovingly to all of them.

Greg Bratcher
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Imagining a Sola Scriptura Church

As a Bible worker and teacher, I very much appreciate the fundamental premise of the author of this article (January 2020). We must each return to reading and studying the Bible for ourselves. Praise Jesus! May it be so among His true remnant people.

Craig Kavanaugh
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200,000 Copies of Signs Special Issue Will Support Massive Evangelistic Effort

Praise God! Our publishing ministry should keep marching forward in supporting the ministry of the church. It can work together with all other electronic media too. Members and leaders should not put print media over electronic, nor should it be the other way around.

Sone Mariner
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Cliff’s Edge—If God Existed . . .

I do not agree with Clifford Goldstein’s columns 100 percent of the time, but I never miss reading an article of his when I come across one. Thank you.

Ben A. Trujillo
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