June 28, 2019


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6 1 4 8Being Green: Adventists and the Environment

Congratulations for focusing on “Being Green: Adventists and the Environment” (April 2019). It is important to distinguish between our God-given responsibility to care for the ecosphere and the global warming industry with its hidden agenda. For readers interested in learning 22 approaches to our divine assignment in caring for our planet, I recommend the book Entrusted: Christians and Environmental Care, written by Adventist scientists, educators, and scholars.

Humberto M. Rasi
Loma Linda, California

Plastic Wrap

I received my April copy of Adventist Review to my address in Norway. The magazine was in transparent plastic, and also in a white plastic envelope. In this time of great focus on environmental issues, and particularly the plastic problem, Adventist Review should reconsider this unnecessary use of plastic wrapping. A single paper envelope, like most magazines use, should be sufficient. We Adventists should be in the forefront of the environmental work, not the tail.

Kjell Aune
Royse, Norway

Hot Facts About Climate Change

We need to be stewards of the earth by recycling, eating from our own gardens, and not wasting natural resources. By acknowledging that God is in control we can stop worrying about the earth and start preparing others for the best change yet coming to this old earth—the soon coming of Jesus.

Judy Halleron
Marble, North Carolina

Walk It!

I read and enjoyed “Walk It!” (February 2019). I initially thought it would be related to walking, but it’s a great story nevertheless. I like the way everything happened easily and naturally with successful and happy results. Hope to see more articles like this.

Chantal Sembres
via web

Walking in the House

Peter Landless and Zeno Charles-Marcel had an excellent article: “Walking: Simple, Safe, Successful, Sustainable” (April 2019). My brother and I are graduates of Loma Linda University’s physical therapy program and have 100 years-worth of walking clients, with a lot of them in home health. We liked the phrase “even around the house,” as that is where a lot of our aging home health clients were located. They are unable to consider getting out. So we kindly but carefully explain that “yes, you can walk 500 feet here in this little house, in this little kitchen or front room. It may be boring, the birds aren’t singing, but you will benefit!”

Tom White
Spavinaw, Oklahoma

Adventist Military Service

Until you have served, been drafted, or enlisted, condemnation is not helpful. Unfortunately, our church has not always stepped up with a unified effort to assist service members when desperately needed. We, the church, are not perfect; but Christ is. I love Jesus, and I thank Him for allowing me to serve my country in His name. Longing for the kingdom when there will be no more war!

Joe Wright
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Don C. Schneider Passes Away

I served with Don Schneider on the Lake Union Conference (LUC) executive committee for six years. He truly loved to share his faith with anyone who would listen. I received blessings listening to his Really Living series.

My wife was ill when I served on the LUC executive committee, and I would leave early to attend to her needs. Many times as I was in the parking lot, Schneider would run to me and ask to pray for me—he knew why I was leaving. I traveled with [Don and Marti] on a trip to Africa, and it was a trip to remember. He will be missed.

Ray Mayor
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Don Schneider was education superintendent in the Oklahoma Conference the first year I taught church school. I remember him being nonjudgmental, friendly, and always smiling. He will be missed until that great reunion when Jesus comes!

R. K. Daniels
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Adventists Use Street Cleaning as Witnessing Opportunity

Thank you for helping the community and being great stewards and keeping the Sabbath by doing this work on Sunday. Wonderful example for us all.

Lizzi Swane
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Local Church in Australia Devastated by Theft and Arson Attack

This is very sad, as these thieves don’t know what they are doing. As a church family we must continue to pray for these people, that God’s hand may reach them in a compassionate way. We are living in difficult times, and we must be alert, as people’s behaviors are changing every day. We must constantly pray, and may God help in moments like this to strengthen our faith through difficult times. May God bless and continue to reveal Himself in moments like this.

Alfred Claude
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