May 1, 2019


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Bring Back an Advice Column!

Thank you, Merle Poirier, for reminding me of Miriam Wood’s excellent advice column in the Review in the 1980s, when I was a young pastor’s wife. How down-to-earth, honest, humble, and godly were her responses! Back then I could hardly wait to read more sage advice and saintly comment from her pen, which was filled with sanctified wisdom and humor. Isn’t it time for someone else to take up where Miriam left off? Let me be the first to endorse such a column in Adventist Review.

Tabitha Abel
Chiloquin, Oregon


What a blessing Adventist Review online has been to me. Thank you to all who have had a part in the production of the many offerings. The quality, content, and spiritual inspiration are just so good! Blessings!

Tim Buske

Excellent Reading

The February 2019 Adventist Review provided some excellent reading for mind and heart. Two articles, “The Letter” and “Learning Forgiveness From the Amish,” bring attention to the fact that forgiveness, love, and sharing is Christ’s method of Christianity in action.

Natalie Dodd

Looking Back

Stephen Chavez’s “A Glance Back” (March 2019) asks, “Are we passionate about the causes that animated us back in the 1970s to 1990s?”

For me, it’s even much more so, wearing the third angel’s message on my sleeve, as it were, urging a number of Sunday pastors to study and preach Revelation 14. Yet in all this I must retain a gentle spirit of tenderness and love, so that they will want to see me coming back; no bridge burning.

Richard Burns
Cleveland, Tennessee

Over the Years

I was thrilled to read about the events of 50 years ago. It was a very special year for young people.

I was in the South Brazil Union Conference as youth director, and with my colleagues we led a caravan of 130 young people and staff through Europe to attend the first and only World Youth Congress in Zurich, Switzerland. We were in Rome when Americans first landed on the moon.

But the most gratifying experience was to see 12,000 young people from Czechoslovakia display a beautiful pageant with lights that electrified the whole audience. Ted Lucas was General Conference youth director, and in 1970 he retired and John Hancock took his place. R. H. Pierson, then General Conference president, wanted to make the church more international and I was elected associate youth director.

Leo Ranzolin, Sr.
Estero, Florida

An Adventist Essential

Last fall I attended a women’s conference in Northern California where Dixil Rodríguez was one of the speakers. My sister and I are avid Adventist Review readers. The magazine has been an inspiration to our family. We were greatly touched by her words at the conference.

The Adventist Review has amazing writers and editors. It is a life changing magazine. We are so glad we can now listen to the podcasts and hear the voices of our favorite authors. Thank you for your ministry.

The stories Rodríguez writes are from the heart. It is beautiful to open the magazine and see her columns.

We pray for everyone at the Adventist Review. This is a ministry you share with all of us.

Sandra West
via web

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