April 3, 2019


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I appreciated the article “God’s Guiding Hand,” by Stephen Chavez, about Ella Simmons (February 2019). When I was a faculty member at La Sierra University, Simmons was an administrator at the university. I had a tremendous amount of respect for her. She included God and the church in everything she did. She was not reluctant to speak about her beliefs in all the decisions she made. Everyone knew she had a strong religious commitment to whatever she did on campus. She was a wonderful example of what all faculty members and administrators should be, a wonderful Christian example.

The article was well written and told the delightful story of Ella Simmons.

Walter Hamerslough
Lafayette, Colorado

Adventist Church in Turkey Regains Ownership of Historic Property

We are so glad to hear this good news. Turkey is at the crossroads of our cultural divide.

Greg Bratcher
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A Winter Storm, Unresponsive Plane Engine, and the Hand of God

Thanks be to God. I think I remember N9578E from my time as Adventist World Aviation’s vice president for development in Berrien Springs, Michigan. May the Lord continue to bless the pilots and the aircraft in our shared mission for God.

Melchizedek Ponniah
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Cliff’s Edge—Zillions of Universes

Great article. Sometimes I wonder if these high-level scientists resist the seemingly obvious conclusion of a Divine Designer behind the detailed and necessary interacting complexities of the universe and living things (required for complex life to exist) because of a conscious or even subconscious effort to avoid the conviction that an ultimate moral authority actually exists.

Sean Pitman
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The Letter

Regarding “The Letter” (February 2019): Thank you. We are often moved by God to reach out to strangers that defies common sense. It takes a faith in God’s leading. Thank you.

Milton Hare
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Paying It Forward

Thank you for the article “Paying the Blessings Forward” (February 2019) by Wilona Karimabadi, about Toson Knight and his Caught Up program. What a great example of Christian activism!

Those of us who live in large, metropolitan areas know well the challenges faced by many of their inhabitants, especially those who don’t have all the advantages available to those who live in more affluent parts of the city.

While it’s tempting to wait for the church to develop some program or initiative to address these issues, it’s gratifying to read about somebody who identified a problem, developed an initiative, and implemented it in cooperation with his local community. May his tribe increase!

J. J. Aragon
Chicago, Illinois

Camp Meeting—Still Here After 150 Years!

I still remember going when I was a child in the 1950s in the Texico Conference. It was wonderful, with fun, food, and fellowship in the Spirit, the Word, and with the family of God. I’m sure it’s one reason I’m still in the church.

R. K. Daniels
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Church Leaders Urged to Model Healthy Lifestyles

A healthy lifestyle is more than vegetarianism and not using caffeine. It includes working a reasonable amount of time every week, spending quality time with family, and much more. I wish that my church leaders could have a well-rounded healthy lifestyle.

Brad Forbes
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The Good Neighbor Church

I am heartened by the article “The Good Neighbor Church,” written by Royson James (February 2019). I too attended the General Conference session in Toronto (June/July 2000), where I met the writer. Not only that. My wife and I decided to visit a church after the session, and we went to Toronto West. We heard about the shooting of an 18-year-old young man on the steps of the church on November 18, 2005. We were saddened by this event, but I am happy at how the church reacted.

It is indeed a pity (an understatement) that it took such a tragic event for the church to take a serious look at its role in the community. I am especially struck by the offering of ESL classes. Many of the gang members have only a passing acquaintance with the English language. Much of the violence is perpetrated by persons from a certain background. They go to Toronto hoping that their lives will improve. However, it is frustrating when you think you speak English and you can’t understand when people speak to you, and they don’t understand when you speak to them.

This is indeed the gospel. May Toronto West continue to be a beacon in the Rexdale community.

Norman W. M. Thompson
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Backs Against the Wall

After reading the review about Martin Doblmeier’s documentary film Backs Against the Wall, I happened to see it when it was broadcast on PBS recently.

I like to think of myself as fairly well-read, but I had never heard of Howard Thurman.

I appreciate Doblmeier’s effort to add to our appreciation of lesser known voices in the struggle for racial equality, and I’m glad to see a review about the film in Adventist Review. Thank you.

Ruth Ellis
Albuquerque, New Mexico

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