December 3, 2018


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A Timely Message

When I picked up the September issue of my Adventist Review to put it in my purse, the cover page caught my attention and gratitude. That day, September 8, was the one-year anniversary of my mother’s death from acute leukemia. The next day, September 9, was the six-year anniversary of the death of my stepfather. Your headline brought a timely message of hope to my broken heart. Thank you so much.

Phelicia Wyant
Arpin, Wisconsin

A Useful Book?

Regarding the book review for Food as Medicine: Cooking for Your Best Health (October 2018), Stephen Chavez gives the link to Amazon Australia. When I went there to order I found a plain statement: “This item cannot be shipped to the United States.” It may be a nice book, but Chavez should find a correct and practical way for readers to order this book in the United States.

Another point: The lowest international postage for a book weighing five pounds was given on the Internet as $202. This book obviously has to be reprinted in the United States before it can be useful to us.

Herbert E. Perrine
Looneyville, West Virginia

Alcohol and Young People

I appreciated the report “No Safe Level of Alcohol Consumption,” about the worldwide use of alcohol (October 2018).

This takes me back to 1953 when we had the first youth congress in Brazil. Five of us were to present oral compositions about the detrimental effects of alcoholism in society. Later on, as a youth and temperance director, I was able to help young people who engage in this terrible vice. Every day we hear in the news the tragedy faced by many parents regarding the effect of alcohol on young people. It is a major factor globally and we must warn our youth that there is no safe level of alcohol use.

As a former General Conference vice president I worked with the Health Department in connection with Duane McBride at Andrews University to help our young people and to make our church aware of this issue. I was happy to read Landless’ and McBride’s statement that the most vulnerable for alcohol-related consequences are those aged 19-45 years old; it is mandatory to get the facts to youth and younger adults.

I will never forget the story of two brothers from São Paulo, Brazil. One seen in the gutter consumed with alcohol, and the other worshipping in church. What a joy it was to meet them later on, both side by side praising God!

Leo Ranzolin
Estero, Florida

The Heart of Adventist Theology

We appreciated Jud Lake’s article “The Heart of Adventist Theology” (October 2018), especially his emphasis on our sanctuary doctrine resulting from “a detailed study of the Bible.” Millerite believers were stunned 174 years ago when Jesus did not return as they expected. Subsequently, a group of “Bible-believing truth seekers,” under the influence of the God’s spirit, found biblical evidence for Christ’s central role as our great high priest in the Most Holy Place of the heavenly sanctuary.

My wife, Linda, and I have had the privilege of ministering at the Hiram Edson Farm for the past two seasons, and we invite everyone to make plans to visit this historic Adventist site in 2019.

Jim Everhart
Clifton Springs, New York

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