July 1, 2018


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Why I Struggle With Mother’s Day

Thank you for publishing the article “Why I Struggle With Mother’s Day” (May 2018). While I’m grateful for the family relationships I’ve enjoyed over the years, I know that my experience doesn’t even remotely reflect the struggles that most families have to deal with.

When we celebrate Mother’s Day in our churches, while we want to honor mothers for their hard work and sacrifice, we don’t want to offend—even inadvertently—those for whom circumstances have made motherhood a painful experience. This article helped to remind us to be aware that not everyone can celebrate Mother’s Day the way we wish they could.

J. J. Aragon
Chicago, Illinois

Thank You

What a wonderful surprise to read “Even If I Don’t See It With My Own Eyes” by Dixil Rodriguez (June 2018)! It has been a while, and I enjoy her column so much! Having another feature by her is just wonderful. I didn’t wait to read it—I picked up my mail, sat on the couch, and enjoyed every word.

Thank you for having such wonderful writers as part of your team. As a reader, I as if I know them and have a friendly connection with them. Thank you for keeping the
Adventist Review relevant and inspiring.

Aura Cole

Skates, Dresses, and the Saturday Church

Thank you for the article “Skates, Dresses, and the Saturday Church,” (April 2018). I love reading stories of how God has led in people’s lives, and how small, seemingly insignificant experiences add up to people being added to God’s family.

Please give us more of these faith-building stories.

Ruth Ellis
Albuquerque, New Mexico

Inspirational Blessing

The April 2018
Adventist Review was an inspirational blessing, but which article to mention? I liked Bill Knott’s editorial “Being Right,” especially the conclusion. The news feature on page 12, regarding compassion for migrants and refugees reminds us they are people not problems. It is appreciated that ADRA and other organizations are reaching out to help. They are worthy of our support.

“Sunday Is Coming,” by Gordon Bietz is a must-read. It brings to life the events with vivid, descriptive language: “rabble of radicals rumbled,” “whirlwind of hatred stumbled,” and “courage toppled like a rootless tree.” Beginning on Thursday, each encounter ends with “but Sunday is coming.” Humanity, from Adam and Eve to us in the twenty-first century, now has the blessed hope because of Christ’s sacrifice on Friday and His resurrection on Sunday. Praise God!

Natalie Dodd
Centerville, Ohio

Your Turn

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