January 5, 2018


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Regarding “Before or After? When Did She Say It?” (October 2017): Fantastic! Because I have heard, again and again, that Ellen White changed her views in 1888, and that her statements before 1888 are not quite as trustworthy, I started my own mini compilation of quotes, similar to those presented in this article. Thanks for sharing these. Great format, too!

Bill Krick
Clovis, California

Spirit of True Reformation

I just finished singing Bill Knott’s new song, “Spirit of True Reformation” (October 2017). I absolutely love it! Thank you so much. I plan to lobby for my church to sing it.

Dixie Strong
Moore, South Carolina

As one who loves spiritual poetry (having written a booklet of them in 1973), I was so blessed to read, then sing, Bill Knott’s “Spirit of True Reformation.” This is truly Adventism at its believing core. Every verse resonated with the deep-seated faith of Knott’s lifetime commitment to the Trinity. Thank you for expressing my faith so beautifully. May your tribe increase!

Marlene Smith
Naples, Florida

Thank you for the coverage on the celebration of the 500
th anniversary of the Reformation (October 2017). Bill Knott’s editorial mentioned that the Reformation changed everything. The message of Martin Luther as he nailed the 95 theses on the door of the castle church of Wittenburg elucidated to the religious world only the Bible, only faith, only grace, only Christ, only glory to God, [and] helped to emphasize a new dimension in our relationship to God.

It was my privilege to visit Wittenberg, Erfurt, and other sites of the Reformation in 1983, during the days of Communism. It was evident that they wanted to obliterate religion from the people. However, the message of the Waldensians, Martin Luther, John Huss, and many other leaders of the Reformation kept the church alive.

Andy Nash wrote: “Every moment of every day, God’s living Word waits for us to enter in.” Marcos De Benedicto, editor of the Brazilian Adventist Review, stated that “to move forward with a reform on a global scale, we need to reform first our own life and the church.”

Leo Ranzolin
Estero, Florida

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