March 6, 2017


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Give God the Glory

I have read Adventist Review for more than 60 years, and I appreciate it very much.

However, I was recently disappointed with the article “ ‘Well Done’ ” (August 2016). Let’s give God the glory when things proceed positively for the church.

I am still grateful for the Review, which keeps us up-to-date on believers around the world.

Norma Mckellip
Macon, Georgia

All on a Journey

The October 2016 Adventist Review is relevant to the many issues we face in today’s world of social, economic, and political conversation.

The article “In the World, but Not of It” is a fine example of how early Adventist pioneers faced certain issues in their day. The statement “Ellen White used causes to further God’s agenda and never let herself be used by a cause to further its agendas” is still relevant.

This Adventist Review is a must-read all the way from “The Good Old Days” to “The Do-good Pilot.” We all are on a journey, destination heaven. God’s Word is the only reliable GPS.

Natalie Dodd
Centerville, Ohio

Taking a Stand

The article “In the World, but Not of It” (October 2016) addresses the question of when God’s remnant people should let their voices be heard in the public arena on the current controversies of the day.

The answer is really quite simple. We need only ask, “Does this issue involve a clear question of what is morally right and wrong?” This is the common denominator in all the points of public debate in which our pioneers participated: slavery, temperance, and prohibition. This was their criterion, and it should be ours as well.

Leonard Lang
Newcastle, Wyoming

Doing Good

Thank you so much for the article “The Do-good Pilot,” by Andrew McChesney (October 2016). I have enjoyed his articles.

Betty Ora
San Clemente, California

Important Details

In going through the December 2016 Adventist Review, I read Delbert Baker’s interesting analysis of Matthew 27:19.

I’m glad he included some of the details about Pilate found in The Desire of Ages, and didn’t mind a bit of speculation about his wife being the Claudia of 2 Timothy 4:21, though we have nothing in the Spirit of Prophecy mentioning her.

A mere 14 pages later in the same chapter of The Desire of Ages, however, we have an unimpeachable explanation of what befell Pilate after his wife’s warning, thus spurning grace, as Baker put it. It’s too bad it was omitted, for it reads: “In spite of his precautions, the very thing he dreaded afterward came upon him. His honors were stripped from him, he was cast down from his high office, and, stung by remorse and wounded pride, not long after the crucifixion he ended his own life. So all who compromise with sin will gain only sorrow and ruin” (p. 738).

Would that you had ended the article with this quotation rather than mentioning “some traditions” that have him being exiled and committing suicide. This is the lone flaw for me in an otherwise brilliant article. The inspired writing of Ellen White always outshines mere traditions.

Jerry Stevens
Fairfield Glade, Tennessee

A Welcoming Publication

I get Adventist Review as a gift from my church. I am a relatively “new” Adventist, as I am returning to the church, and I have read AR for years. It has changed a lot, but it has only gotten better. Thank you for writing about topics that are relevant to me as a person, a Christian, and an Adventist.

I see the conversations are changing toward the “real world,” and I think it makes a difference.

I also appreciate Dixil Rodríguez. She is such a humanitarian, who is willing to bare her heart in her writing. She is very inspiring in a vulnerable, appreciated way.

In 2015 I read the story “The Wrong Side of the Tracks,” and it moved me to tears. I could relate to it and found it powerful. She reminds me of the small details of my life and makes me realize how important they are in the big picture of sharing Christ with others, and that is beautiful.

Thank for the changes and upgrades to the magazine. I pray you continue the good work. Thank you for being a welcoming publication to a returning Adventist.

Emory McCaullough
Albany, New York

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