April 4, 2016


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Surving and Thriving

Greetings to my “precious Review people!” When the change from a weekly magazine to a monthly one was announced, I was distraught. Now, some months late, I want you to know, I’ve survived. I’ve adjusted my reading rhythm, and the blessings continue to flow. Thank you! I value the variety, the depth, the insights, the attempts to make the gospel relevant, real,and relational. The rest is up to us and where we place our priorities. Thank you for accepting my (and others) pleas not to change, but forging ahead anyway, because you had a prayerful vision. I continue to love the Adventist Review (and KidsView), and praise God for the blessings I receive!

Linda Steinke
Via e-mail

Timely Reminder

Thank you for Gerald A. Klingbeil’s article “The Gift of the Stranger” (December 2015). I am encouraged to read a Bible-based treatment about the immigrant/migrant situation facing so many countries of the world.

I applaud those governments that are trying to respond in a humanitarian way. But the backlash from individuals both public and private I find frightening. May God give us grace—as individuals and as Christians—to do the right thing.

Andrew Erickson
San Francisco, California

Mrs. White’s Great-Great-Great-Grandson

Thank you for sharing the story about Justin Torossian, the great-great-great-grandson of Ellen White (www.adventistreview.org). I have known the Kubrock family [Torossian’s grandparents] since 1958, when they came to Pennsylvania and his grandfather Daniel became my local pastor.

I have been trying to find out whatever happened to that lovely family. Pastor Kubrock helped to finish our sanctuary, and performed the marriage of my brother in May 1961 in the newly finished sanctuary. Torossian looks so much like his grandfather Daniel. In 1964, the last time I saw his grandmother, Gladys, she looked exactly like Mrs. White.

June Kaiser
Elizabethville, Pennsylvania

Much Needed

Anthony Kent’s “From Fear to Ecstasy” (December 2015) was a much-needed study. What a sermon! This will help some of us who are trying to understand, “Sometimes God needs us to get out of His way so that He can do what He has to do.” It did for me. His power is overwhelming for us finite beings. I can understand why fear might be experienced.

Robert Rouillard
Lakewood, Washington

Jesus Outside Scripture

Andy Nash’s article “Jesus Outside Scripture” (September 2015) reminded me of my own discovery while studying for my degree from the University of London, which required a knowledge of history from ancient to modern times. Secular literature contained references to Jesus of Nazareth by the Jewish historian Josephus, and others. We can rest assured that the Jesus of the Bible was a real, historic human being.

Linbrook Barker
Riverside, California

Hope Grounded in the Lord

The November and December 2015 issues of Adventist Review carried news briefs regarding tragic deaths of several church members via plane, automobile, and militant gunfire. We pray the families have their hope grounded in the Lord’s return as they have to experience the loss of their loved ones.

Satan knows he has but a short time and is determined to hurt the heart of God. Thank you also for the story of Albin Conrad (November 2015), which told of his loyalty and courage to stand true despite the cruel treatment by the military when he refused to work on the Sabbath.

Natalie Dodd
Centerville, Ohio

Your Turn

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