February 1, 2016


A Hymn to Coming Justice | Sleep Is a Great Thing! | Mistake? | The New Review Is Useful | Judging by the Cover


A Hymn to Coming Justice

I absolutely loved Bill Knott’s article “A Hymn to Coming Justice” (December 2015). Well written and so many serious points to ponder. Thank you for this excellent article.

Dixie Strong
Moore, South Carolina

Sleep Is a Great Thing!

The October issue emphasizing sleep was excellent. I have two comments: First, having used a CPAP machine for sleep apnea for 13 years, I would say that many with this condition are just above ideal weight and not obese. Losing weight may not eliminate the need for the CPAP. Second, having lived in Anchorage, Alaska, most summers between 1996 and 2011, we readily learned to go to sleep at night easily with plenty of light present all night long. The first summer we used black curtains over our motor home windows, but we soon learned that all we had to do was keep our eyes closed, and everything was dark. Cell phones were not an issue!

Ron Turk
Greeneville, Tennessee

Which U? A Unique Guide to Adventist Colleges and Universities

The September 2015 cover story may be expanded to encompass Adventist students attending non-Adventist institutions.

Middle East and North Africa Union Mission (MENA) president Homer Trecartin noted that Waldensian families often sent their brightest and best young people into the heart of hostile territory and enrolled them in the major universities of the time. There these young people quietly planted the seeds of reformation. Might Adventist young people do the same?

Secular higher education is thereby rescued from merely an option to escape what some see as an overprotective Adventist cocoon or an avenue to credentials for entrance into prestigious occupations. It moves secular education from being only about either choice or circumstance; it becomes a fulfillment of calling. Those attending Adventist schools, God’s mandated schools of the prophets, with those at non-Adventist institutions, assume complementary positions in the vast army of youth rightly trained for advancement of the gospel under the three angels’ messages.

Michael Hall
Matthews, North Carolina


Sorry, I do not think the new Review is working. I have not yet read through one of the monthly magazines. It is just too much at one time, and hard to pick it up and read more.

Let’s say a mistake has been made, back up, and publish the weekly
Review again. To admit a mistake and back up is not the worst thing to happen.

Jerry Lastine
Metcalf, Illinois

The New Review Is Useful

Since the Review has had this new pamphlet format I have saved them all, and I have found it helpful when I teach Sabbath School to refer to past issue articles that help clarify the study at hand. Thanks to all the contributors that make the Review a useful tool.

Robert Rouillard
Lakewood, Washington

Judging by the Cover

We enjoy the new size of the Review; however, for those of us who are kinesthetic, it is difficult to pick it up because of the way the cover feels. Just to feel the magazine as it sits here next to my computer gives me gooseflesh. I’m not sure everyone is affected the same way, but I wager many of us out here would rather grab it by our teeth than feel it in our hands. So I’m writing so that you will be able to think this over and perhaps be able to make some changes without additional cost to the publication.

Thanks for all you do; we do appreciate it.

Althea Roderick
via e-mail

Thank you for the article about Adventist colleges and universities (September 2015). It was informative. I would have liked the article, however, to have included more substantive information about majors and degrees available.

And I vote for a smoother paper cover.

Thank you and God bless!

Douglas Abbott
via e-mail

Love To Learn More

I enjoyed the biography on C. D. Brooks I found when I googled Pastor Brooks. Thank you for publishing it. I would love to learn more about Walter Arties, Adrian T. Westney, E. E. Cleveland, A. R. Caruthers, and other exemplary men of God from the 1970s. Can you please print articles about them?

Eidi Millington
via e-mail

Creativity and Health

Thank you so much for the article “Creativity and Health” (January 2016). I so admire people who are creative, and I enjoyed reading about the physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual benefits of exercising our creative abilities.

Maybe that’s why creative people—musicians, artists, authors, and actors—keep painting, performing, and writing into old age. We should follow their example.

J. J. Aragon
Chicago, Illinois

Your Turn

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