January 30, 2023

Warped and Dusty

Have you heard the voices? You’re not good enough. You can’t even hold a tune.

Jill Morikone

It was just an old piano, sitting in the corner, collecting dust. It no longer held its tune, and the wood of the piano had warped and aged. It was good for nothing. We even had it appraised, and the expert said it was worth what it would bring for the wood, if that. Nobody even took the time to list it for sale. It was worthless. 

It was an easy job. Others said it was easy, as they had seen it done before. How hard could it be to gut a piano and place a keyboard inside? The aesthetics of a baby grand piano on television look amazing, and there would be no more piano tuning, plus no bleed from the piano mics into the vocalist’s mic, since it would actually be a keyboard inside. It was a win-win. 

Our carpenter had a few words to say about the ease of making this happen, but he eventually determined it could be done safely. I had confidence in his ability: if anybody could transform a piano into a keyboard while maintaining the look of the piano, he was the one. I was just relieved the piano would no longer clutter up the corner. Somebody had found a purpose for it after all. 

The process began with transporting the old piano to 3ABN’s workshop. The keyboard was inserted, and it was time to drill a hole in the side of the piano for the cable. That’s when someone on the team noticed the model of the piano and the serial numbers inside. News travels fast in any organization, and it was only moments later that someone knocked on my door. “Jill, that old piano? The worthless one we’re gutting and repurposing for the set? It could be worth a great deal.” 

All progress halted while we investigated the legitimacy of the rumor. It was true. Even with the piano warped, even though it couldn’t hold a tune, even though we had deemed it worthless, it actually had value. 

Part of my job at 3ABN is overseeing the operations and personnel of this ministry. How often is someone tucked into a corner, collecting dust, when they could truly shine? Why is our worth determined by whether we’ve been warped by life or if we stay in tune? How do I learn to recognize another’s worth and discover where they can truly flourish and thrive? 

What about my own life? Have you heard the voices? You’re not good enough. You can’t even hold a tune. Aren’t you starting to warp? The value of the piano came from the name and number of its maker, not from how it looked or even sounded. Even if I’m warped and dusty, that doesn’t matter. All that matters is the name of my Creator. 

Maybe I can be repurposed after all.