December 2, 2021


Encouraging and Inspiring

Andy Nash’s column in the November 2021 issue really resonated with me. My parents were in that awkward generation regarding race, but also tried to foster a sense of love and justice for all in their children as Andy’s mom did for him. Thank you for this encouraging and inspiring article!

Nila Salsberry
Bayview, Idaho

Balanced Views

I greatly appreciated the articles in the October 2021 issue reflecting on the theme of vaccines. Conversations on this topic are often polarizing and heated, but the articles in this issue were neither. Jiří Moskala’s and each of the subsequent articles were medically balanced, spiritually affirming, and historically enlightening. I came away from reading this issue affirmed in my belief in the health message of my church, and clear on our historical response to medical and community issues like our current one. Thank you for addressing a very present and relevant topic.

Jean Boonstra
Loveland, Colorado

Difficult Times Ahead

It is high time for us to gird up our loins and to trust implicitly in Jesus for the difficult task ahead. The third angel’s message will go forth. It’s up to us individually to be willing to enlist (Matt. 9:37, 38). I especially appreciate Elder Wison’s ringing call for us to arm ourselves with the needed knowledge for loving, effective witness, putting fear aside. The Great Controversy has become my constant companion in recent years. I first read it in 1959 and was impressed. I was an unbeliever, but was baptized only six years later. Cultivating several Sunday pastors now, I’ve even urged some of them to preach Revelation 14, and I’m ready to explain why it has vital importance for our times.

Richard Burns
Cleveland, Tennessee

An Important Time Line

I found the article “Time Line: Women and Ministry in the Adventist Church” in the July 2021 edition enlightening and encouraging. The history of how God blessed and led out in our church’s beginnings gives us direction on how we should move forward into the future to complete the task of the gospel to every individual. Each person, regardless of gender, is called and empowered by our Creator to do the task He calls us to accomplish. “The Saviour ignores both rank and caste. . . . It is character and devotedness of purpose that are of high value with Him” (Ellen G. White, Testimonies for the Church, vol. 6, p. 268).

Linda Everhart
Eau Claire, Michigan

Comments from

Wisconsin, Georgia, and Virginia Versus Our Emotions

I am very much troubled by what I see as the current situation in the Adventist Church in the United States. In our society as a whole, we are divided with little respectful communication with our fellow citizens who differ from us in our perception of the issues of the day. This division, I find, is reflected to some degree within the church. It results in Adventist members not being able to have courteous conversations with each other. I am unable to suggest that non-Adventists visit some congregations, as they would not be welcomed due to their position on political issues. I wonder how God will be able to use us to accomplish the Great Commission if this situation remains. May the Lord help us in our hour of need as a church.

Gregory Matthews

Ted Wilson’s Philippines Trip Was “Just in Time”

What a wonderful, wild story of God’s providence!

Connie Dahlke

Adventist Harvard University Professor Explains Why Vaccination Is a Good Idea

Thank you, David Williams, for this presentation. You are correct that each of us must study the data for ourselves. Hopefully, that means reading peer-reviewed scientific literature, not listening to media that seeks ratings by promoting misleading vaccine misinformation, isolated physicians, or even Adventist spiritual leaders without any training in research or statistics. Today my wife and I are mourning the loss of old college friends who died of COVID-19 or are on a ventilator because they listened to really bad theology and science from misguided Adventists. I pray that many will take your advice and get the vaccine to protect themselves and, as you note, the most vulnerable among us. There was a time when Christians obeyed the words of Jesus when He said as we treated the most vulnerable among us, we treated Him. I fear today that in the name of our liberty, we are willing to increase the probability of using hospital beds when others need them, infecting others who have significant comorbidities, and some even petition the church to endorse this view of selfish liberty. I pray that your words change hearts and minds and that our elected leadership remains fast in their support for the best biblical and Spirit of Prophecy public health principles.

Duane C. McBride

Our Only Safeguard

I read this and I think of the phrase “primitive godliness.” This chapter of Mrs. White’s, and her constant pointing to Scripture and Scripture only, cuts through all the religious and worldly din that surrounds us. May we never be distracted from God’s basic and understandable truths. I pray for wisdom and courage to “do His will” every day.

Les Moyer