August 30, 2021


A Woman’s Legacy

The July 2021 issue mentions Jessie Weiss Curtis, a licensed Adventist minister in Pennsylvania from 1945 to 1972, but who did evangelism even earlier. I served in the Pennsylvania Conference as ministerial director and president for 21 years, and learned of the legacy of her ministry, preached in churches she raised, and met those who had known her. She conducted numerous tent evangelistic meetings, her first meeting resulting in 80 baptisms. To this day, the churches of Kingston, Tunkhannock, Montrose, Drums, and Beaumont, Pennsylvania, which she raised up and planted, are still meeting. Many pastors were sent to train under her, including N. R. Dower, a ministerial director of the General Conference. The Pennsylvania Conference is richer because of the legacy of this mighty woman in ministry. For more of her story, see Called by God, by Josephine Benton.

Ray Hartwell
Calhoun, Georgia

Inspiring readIt was inspiring to read the August issue with articles on archaeology proving the veracity of the Bible. It reminds me of the edition of the Encyclopedia Britannica revealing to the world that the Hittites, mentioned only in the Bible, did not exist! When archaeology uncovered this great civilization, they had to retract it in their next edition!
I was also happy to read of the progress of youth ministry in the Ukraine. After  the fall of Communism, Neal C. Wilson asked me to visit Russia, Ukraine, and Moldova, and meet with the leadership to start Pathfinder clubs and youth ministry! I can see that it is a reality now when I read of the youth forum in Ukraine, with more than 200 participants!

Leo Ranzolin, Sr.
Estero, Florida

It’s OK to Not Be OK

Wonderful comments, courageous counsel. Thank you, Wilona [Online exclusive,, July 27].

Jeffrey Brown

President of the Allegheny East Conference and Wife Die in House Fire

Our hearts are broken at the loss of two beautiful and humble beings who exemplified servant leadership [Online news article on the deaths of Henry and Sharon Fordham, July 23]. May the Lord bring comfort to their children and grandchildren. We lift the Allegheny East Conference in prayer as this spiritual family grieves such a heavy loss.

Daniel Honore

“New” Photo of Ellen G. White Discovered

Thanks for sharing about this remarkable woman under God’s service for His people [Online news article, July 15].

Robert Leo

South American Division Votes to Allow Women Elders

[Online news article, July 11]

Congratulations to my home division! This is wonderful news that will empower women to advance the mission.

Eric Richter

What I’ve Gained by Being an Adventist Christian

Long ago I came to the conclusion that if there is nothing beyond the grave (which I reject) I am much better off today, and my life has been enriched by my belief in the Seventh-day Adventist (Christian) message that I have been taught and that I believe [Online commentary, July 3].

Gregory Matthews

Mental Health is Health—It’s All a Gift from God

Insight is a gift, too, and helps with healing [Online commentary, June 30].

Sheila M. Cronin


I have never heard this story in my lifetime (July Adventist Review print edition). This should be taught in our Bible classes in our  churches.

Melanio Calayag

Supporting Our Community’s Single Moms

I’m a divorced single mom of three girls, and I must say, though very challenging at times, life couldn’t be better. It is a huge blessing to be a single mom because God Himself gets to be my partner in parenting (July Adventist Review print edition).

Nompumelelo Nkosi

The Same Old Whine (Of Babylon)

Goldstein nailed it! [Online, June 17)

Diana Iversen

Boys Will Be Men

I really needed to see this! I thank God that we can start again (Online, June 2).

Sherrie Bell

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