September 10, 2015

Southern Adventist University


Southern Adventist University

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Collegedale, Tennessee

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Gordon Bietz

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Perceived Strengths

  • Christian Service Program
  • Independent undergraduate research
  • 1,300-acre campus near several metropolitan areas

Unique Spiritual Activities

  • uQuest: students organize their own mission trips
  • LifeGroups: weekly student-led Bible study groups
  • 30 Adventist churches within a 30-minute radius

What students Say

I’ve visited many campuses and lived in a number of states, but Southern is the only place I’ve ever really felt at home. The students here share my faith and interests, and the professors go out of their way to show us the same love and concern they would for their own children.
—Myron Madden, senior

What Alumni Say

Through the archaeology program I was able to gain professional work experience during Southern’s excavations in Israel. This helped me get accepted into one of the world’s leading graduate schools for conservation.
—Leif Fredheim, 2011