September 3, 2015

Loma Linda University

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Loma Linda University

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Loma Linda, California

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Richard Hart

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Perceived Strengths

  • Integration of health, science, and faith
  • Mission-focused learning
  • Groundbreaking research

Unique Spiritual Activities

  • Know, Grow, and Go: weekly services designed to know God, develop faith, and serve others
  • International Service: short- and long-term mission opportunities
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What students Say

I feel fortunate and proud to study at a university that fosters personal and professional well-being, and encourages its students to serve others. . . . I am constantly reminded that there’s a greater purpose in my life. . . . I have also witnessed the encouragement of independent thought and have seen a great diversity of cultures and knowledge in my classes.
—Aaron De Leon, School of Public Health

What Alumni Say

My program at LLU was not only thorough in teaching theory, information, and application; it also taught me to think critically and comprehensively. . . . When I work with patients, I don’t consider their symptoms in isolation. I think about their total existence and help them reach a fulfilling life in all its facets.
—Amy Indermuehle, Psy.D