September 10, 2015

La Sierra University


La Sierra University

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Riverside, California

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Perceived Strengths

  • Academic offerings: honors programs, divinity school, criminal justice, etc.
  • Diversity: listed as one of the top 10 most diverse campuses in the country
  • Award-winning service activities: integrates service into the curriculum

Unique Spiritual Activities

  • First Service: Friday evening services by students for students
  • Give a Day: Student-led service ministries to surrounding communities
  • Roots Ministry: Students visit area Adventist churches to share their ministry talents

What students Say

One of the most positive aspects of La Sierra University is the opportunities created for students to expand their learning through internships, student jobs, or on-campus clubs, such as Enactus. La Sierra cares not only about what happens to students while they’re at the university, but also about what happens to them when they graduate.
—Serena Chapman, marketing/management double major

What Alumni Say

I am so grateful that I completed my premedicine requirements at La Sierra University. It not only taught me science and prepared me for continuing my professional career—it amplified my spiritual growth.
—Ivan Rybkin, 2011