September 10, 2015

Kettering College Of Medical Arts

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Kettering College Of Medical Arts

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Perceived Strengths

  • Innovation in health care
  • Faith-based passion for service and health
  • Job placement of nearly 100 percent

Unique Spiritual Activities

  • The Collection: dinner and worship once a week
  • Fresh Bread: Sabbath worship
  • Hot Spot: prayer and fellowship from 9:15 to 9:30 every weekday morning
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What students Say

I have my advanced imaging bachelor’s degree from Kettering College to thank for my current imaging job with the Cincinnati Reds, as well as my advanced imaging position in the three-dimensional post processing lab at Kettering Hospital.
—Ryan Hoehne

What Alumni Say

As a 2014 Bachelor of Science in nursing graduate, I spent two years at Kettering College. Most of all, I appreciated the strong Seventh-day Adventist foundation, which allowed me to practice my faith comfortably and develop spiritually. I always felt supported and comfortable when talking to the professors. There isn’t much I would change about my experience at Kettering College.
—Mary Markley