September 3, 2015

Andrews University

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Andrews University

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Berrien Springs, Michigan

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Niels-Erik Andreasen

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Perceived Strengths

  • God-centered development of mind, body, and spirit
  • Education and learning that go beyond classroom and lab assignments
  • International and cultural diversity

Unique Spiritual Activities

  • A variety of corporate worship activities that include traditional, contemporary, and gospel
  • Affirm Faith Teams: ministry to schools in the Lake Union Conference
  • Short- and long-term mission service
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What students Say

Andrews is more than a community of students; it is a place where those who seek answers to life’s questions can converse and fellowship with one another. Andrews not only has a reputation as a world-renowned institution but also demonstrates that on a daily basis by producing many hardworking and successful graduates.
—Haley Smoot, class of 2018

What Alumni Say

My Andrews experience helped me apply wellness in my life by teaching me the principles of choice, rest, environment, activity, trust, relationships, outlook, and nutrition. The opportunities to worship, deeply study Scripture, and fellowship in a Christian community gave me a positive perspective that I can now share with the world.
—Jonathan Jacobs, 2014