September 10, 2015

Adventist University of Health Sciences


Adventist University of Health Sciences

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Orlando, Florida

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David Greenlaw

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Perceived Strengths

  • Teaches health and healing in an environment of compassion
  • Its connection with Florida Hospital, one of the nation’s largest health-care providers 
  • A pioneer in online education

Unique Spiritual Activities

  • Ecclesia: Friday evening service featuring music, art, prayer, and worship
  • Circle Up: Students, faculty, and staff meet for 15 minutes of prayer every school day
  • Spiritual Emphasis Day: Praise and worship once a month with free lunch
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What students Say

Faith is everything to us . . . . Faith is everywhere at ADU in how our professors treat us, in our classwork, in the environment, and in the overall culture of the university.

What Alumni Say

The culture at ADU helped me grow in my leadership abilities by instilling core leadership traits—trust, teamwork, accountability, and compassion—while exemplifing the sharing of knowledge and information.
—Shannon Stewartson