July 8, 2015

Stats & Mission

The facts: Urban areas of 1 million+

  • Global Adventist-to-population ratio: one per 392 people
  • Adventist-to-population ratio in large urban areas: one per 555 people
  • Global Adventist-congregation-to-population ratio: one per 50,000
  • Global Adventist-congregation-to-population ratio in large urban areas: one per 90,000
  • 3.1 million of Adventism’s 18.48 million church members live in large urban areas of 1 million people or more, that is, 16.77 percent. So only one in six Adventists live in the areas that are home to a quarter of the world’s population.
  • 42 of the 504 urban areas of 1 million+ have fewer than 10 Adventists living in them.
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The map below shows the most reached and unreached cities in the world: cities with more than 20,000 Adventist church members living in them are in green; those cities with fewer than 125 church members are in red (125 is the average size of an Adventist congregation, so red shows cities without the equivalent of an Adventist congregation in them). What this reveals is that almost all big cities with a strong Adventist presence are in the Americas and sub-Saharan Africa, with just a few in Asia. The big cities with the weakest Adventist presence are all in the 10/40 window—and in Europe.

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