June 24, 2015

​Good Eats

While lunches and Sabbath meals are provided in the Convention Center, you will likely be on your own for breakfasts and dinners. You may opt for hotel offerings for your first meal of the day, but you may wish to explore the River Walk area and surrounding locale later. What are your options, especially if you’re on a budget?

First of all, you should be aware that restaurants in the area have been alerted to ramp up their vegetarian offerings. Keep in mind that this is a consumers’ market; if there is something you would like or if you have dietary concerns, feel free to ask for whatever you need.

According to Brenda Square, director of Destination Services for the San Antonio Convention and Visitors Bureau, they are producing a flyer listing options that will be available at information desks at the Alamodome and at the convention center. “As the Alamodome is anywhere from an eight- to 20-minute walk from delegate hotels downtown, there are restaurants along the way, though none are immediately adjacent to the Alamodome or convention center,” she says.

American portions at restaurants are much larger than in many parts of the world. So if you balk at the standard size of a steaming plate of Tex-Mex, do not despair. Wherever you notice portions larger than what you would normally consume (and you should feel free to ask your server about portion sizes), just split the meal with a friend or loved one (provided they are amenable, of course).

Speaking of Tex-Mex, as this is Texas, there is a lot of yumminess to be found. If you aren’t familiar with that term, think tacos, burritos, quesadillas, rice, beans, and salsa. The other predominant cuisine offerings in the area are American, Italian, and Southwest (spicy, smoky flavors popular in the Southwest region of the United States).

American fast food is an inexpensive option, though it is not always the healthiest. McDonald’s, Burger King, Taco Bell, and Subway all have vegetarian offerings at low prices.

Hotel concierges are great resources as well. If you crave a particular cuisine or are looking for a place that is child-friendly, just ask for a recommendation. They can also check about reservations or ask about dietary concerns, etc.

Another great resource is the Yelp app. Download it to your smartphone or use your computer to visit www.yelp.com. It provides listings of nearby restaurants based on what you are searching for, along with reviews, and driving and walking directions. I find this app to be very helpful when visiting a new city.

Then there is a GC session app. Simply search “GC session 2015” in your app store to download it for free. It includes all sorts of information to help you navigate the event, including a section devoted to local restaurants. Just tap the “local places” icon from the dashboard, and browse attractions, museums/history, tours, and restaurants. You can search a long list of different eateries and have their locations mapped for you from wherever you are in the hotel, Alamodome, or convention center.

Whatever you choose to do foodwise, we don’t think you’ll be short on good choices to fuel your GC experience.