April 21, 2014

Give & Take

Adventist Life

When I was a boy, our church school got a new teacher. My parents wanted to make sure I’d get along well with her, so one Sunday morning before the school year started, we went to her apartment for a swim and lunch.

She really pulled out all the stops for lunch, including a glazed Wham with sliced pineapples, cherries, and all the trimmings. I took one look at it and announced, “I will not eat that!” As you can imagine, my parents were embarrassed.

The teacher, however, told me, “Now, don’t worry. I wouldn’t serve you real ham.”

I rose up to my full 9-year-old height and pronounced, “The Bible says to avoid the appearance of evil.” With this pronouncement my parents were even more mortified.

The teacher smiled, understanding my principles were positive, not negative, and told me that I did not have to eat any. I had my best school year ever that year.

—Chuck Hess, Greenbelt, Maryland

With my husband’s Sabbath speaking appointments, it has become my habit to text our two adult children just to let them know where we will be attending church for the day and what activities are scheduled. One particular morning I texted the fact that we were “on our way to Portland Stone Tower church. Dad is speaking there today . . .”

I immediately received a return text from our daughter that read “Haaaa! Look at your autocorrect.”

In checking to see what I had texted I saw “On our way to Portland Stone Tower church. Dad is spewing there today.”

—Susan Loor, La Center, Washington

Sound Bite

“Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life: and I will dwell in the house of the Lord for ever.”

—King David, in Psalm 23:6, KJV

Herald's Trumpet

Hi, kids! Herald’s trumpet is once again hidden somewhere in this magazine. If you find it, send a postcard telling us where. Be sure to include your name and address! Then we’ll randomly choose three winning postcards.

In our last contest (Jan. 23, 2014) we had 14 entries! Our three winners were Matthew Imperio, from Riverside, California; Karissa Sharley, from Tieton, Washington; Elizabeth Struntz, from Umatilla, Florida. Each received a book from Pacific Press. Where was the trumpet? On page 31.

If you can find the trumpet this time, send your postcard to Herald’s Trumpet, Adventist Review, 12501 Old Columbia Pike, Silver Spring, MD 20904-6600. The prize will be a book! Look for the three winners’ names in the July 17, 2014, edition of the Adventist Review. Have fun searching and keep trumpeting Jesus’ love—and His second coming!


Walking in this morning
is a holiness,
inside and out.

The light breaking
over the horizon
is a new blessing
and the rustle of dry leaves
a whispered benediction.

My being is a prayer,
and every breath I take
of the cool sky
is a personal amen.

—Jennifer J. Coleman, Hagerstown, Maryland