The Silence Is Loud

Diverted aid leaving millions in existing crises at risk of imminent starvation.

Billy Andre

The current drought in the Horn of Africa went from dire to cruel. Many countries in Africa already in a food crisis rely on Russia and Ukraine for a significant percentage of their wheat and other commodities. Most institutional aid dollars have recently been diverted to support the millions of refugees who have fled the fighting in Ukraine, leaving millions in existing crises at risk of imminent starvation. While the headlines we see or read focus on one story, there are millions of stories left behind and untold. Silence has dominated. But our hearts and capacity need to change to help everyone, even when a new crisis develops. People’s lives depend on it. 

In these dire times, communities cope by banding together to support each other, sharing the little they have. Even the most vulnerable, such as an elderly woman I met in Kenya, shares her food with the most destitute in her neighborhood. 

ADRA is not seen as a saviour but as a member (like family) of their community. When ADRA or any entity is actively participating in easing the suffering with the much or little they have, it is like this elderly woman sharing her food with those in need: There is joy! It also encourages people to be more selfless, to give more, to do more. Good works become contagious. 

Our goal as members of these communities is to share the little that we have to save lives and spread this joy even in the midst of a terrible crisis. It’s always a privilege and honor to be invited to be part of this lifesaving, joyous activity; to choose not to be silent when the poor cry out for help.

Billy Andre