December 26, 2022

365 Days With Jesus 2.0

A reading plan for 2023.

Merle Poirier

In January 2022 we featured a unique Bible reading plan in our sister publication, Adventist World.1 It had a great reception from our readers, enough for us to bring it back in 2023. This 2.0 edition has been updated and modified so that there are now 365 daily readings of the four Gospels in chronological order, along with corresponding selections from Ellen White’s powerful volumes, The Desire of Ages and Christ’s Object Lessons.2 Use the circles to mark your progress through the year. It is our prayer that your life will be changed day by day as you spend more time with Jesus in 2023.

1 There are many versions available in order to read the Gospels chronologically. The one used as the base for these readings was produced by Rick Aschmann, with some modifications. You may be interested in his extensive work. Check it out at 

2 There are many printings of both these books. The page numbers listed are from the Ellen G. White writings website, which follows the standard pagination for The Desire of Ages and Christ’s Object Lessons. If you follow through the entire year, you will have completed reading all the Gospels as well as both these books. You may find both Ellen White books at

2023 Reading Plan 1
2023 Reading Plan 2
2023 Reading Plan 3
2023 Reading Plan 4
2023 Reading Plan 5