Inaugural Pathfinder Camporee in Malaysia Draws More than 2,300 Campers

Participants honed various skills and deepened their Christian understanding.

AIIAS Launches Groundbreaking Program in Faith and Science

Initiative will help Adventist pastors delve into the connections between those two fields.

La Sierra University’s Founding President Fritz Guy Passes to His Rest

Beloved scholar died at 93 after an acute cardiovascular event.

Adventist Church Launches Evangelism Series in Thailand

Daily meetings cap months of groundwork and preparation, regional leaders said.

Official Notice - Andrews University

Meeting of the Members

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Bert B. Beach, Adventist Religious Liberty Pioneer, Dies at 94

For decades, Beach was the face of the Seventh-day Adventist Church to other faiths and civic entities.

Life Is Like a Canoe Trip

Young Natives start to reclaim their heritage through an ADRA Canada initiative.

Councilor Thanks ADRA for Ukrainian Refugee Support

Adventist relief agency packaged food for families in difficulty.

Adventismo em português 

Desafios e oportunidades no cenário mundial

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