A New School Opens in Kenya in Honor of Daniel R. Jackson

Donors and close friends of former North American Division leader funded the project.

The Gift of Mobility Comes from Free Hip, Knee Replacements for Patients in Need

AdventHealth joins forces with other organizations to assist people without health coverage.

Powering AdventHealth Hospitals with Clean and Renewable Energy

Health-care network is on the path to utilize 100 percent renewable electricity by 2026.

Advanced Cataract Surgery Transforms a Patient’s Life

Loma Linda University Eye Institute is giving people like Linda Grimm the chance to see again.

In Zambia, Yuka Adventist Hospital Tackles Environmental Sustainability

Health-care institution sheds light on the global challenge of clean energy access.

La Sierra University Theologian Wins National Hispanic Book Prize

Marlene Ferreras seeks to re-shape pastoral care to marginalized people.

Regional Plan Seeks to Support Theology and Education Majors

Southwestern Union Conference will partner with Southwestern Adventist University.

AdventHealth CEO Terry Shaw Shares Insights in Popular Podcast

Adventist leader reflects on his life and on how to lead with curiosity.

AdventHealth Team Targets Kidney Tumors with Sound Beams

First-in-the-world procedure destroys tumors without damaging surrounding tissues.

In Romania, ADRA House Provides Shelter to Victims of Domestic Violence

The story of a woman brought out of abuse illustrates the role of the agency.

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