In the U.S., Love Ties Congregations Together for Almost 30 Years

One helped the other almost three decades ago. In 2021, it was time to pay it back.

A Small Glimpse of the Richness of Life that God Has Provided

In Australia, Adventist artist discusses art, life, and transcendence.

Youth Evangelism and Discipleship Initiatives Multiply across U.S. Midwest

Lake Union Conference young people are finding new ways to share and build their faith.

A Missionary, Wherever and Whenever God Leads Me

A young adult from Panama shares her experience as a volunteer missionary in Europe.

Banned for Handing Out Bibles but Cared for by God

John Robin witnessed the Lord’s providence in the northernmost island of Vanuatu.

When Sending Supplies to Haiti Was Not Enough

Union College graduates provided critical support in Haiti after the August earthquake.

Haiti Deployment Prompts Physician to Reflect on Medical Missionary Work

“It’s about sacrificially helping others out of love to bring them to Jesus,” Jeffrey Cho says.

One Day Online, One Day In-Person in the Digital Middle East

Integrating every church media platform to impact lives across the region.

County Fair Evangelism Impacts Thousands in U.S. Indiana Region

Thousands stop by, and hundreds connect with Adventists in the area.

From Podcast Listener to Church Member

Man is baptized at a church he had never attended in person but had followed for months.

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