Art as a Spiritual Experience

Artist Shona Macomber explains how she seeks to glorify God through her artwork.

From Instagram to Baptism

Serbian digital evangelist leads teens to baptism by sharing Bible prophecies.

When I Extended My Hand to Thank My Doctor, He Began to Cry

Spiritual Care student with a remarkable life story seeks to grow as a health-care leader.

When God Called Three Police Officers into His Service

Three Seventh-day Adventist pastors recall their previous life in law enforcement.

A Mission Trip in Their Own Backyard

In the U.S., Tennessee church members reach out to residents in southern Georgia.

A Patient Holds on to Precious Memories Thanks to Epilepsy Surgery

Loma Linda has one of the few Level 4 Epilepsy Centers for adult and pediatric patients.

Every Ride Is a Mission

Leather jackets, helmets, and motorcycles are helping share the gospel in Serbia.

Precious Bible Found Unharmed After Devastating Blaze

In Norway, church member gives all credit to God.

Adventist Widow Fights Grief by Handwriting the Bible in Seven Years

In Brazil, 80-year-old says that copying God’s Word keeps her active and fulfilled.

A Blogger on a Mission

Douglas Gausi has decided to spend One Year in Mission in a city in need.

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