A Home for Children, Victims of Domestic Violence

Casa ADRA’ in Romania helps those affected by trauma to heal and start again.

‘TikTok Grandma’ Grows Bible Study Ministry to Nearly 30,000 Followers

Betilda Vásquez Quiej is a local church elder and treasurer in Guatemala.

New Resource for Children Digs into the Blessings, Challenges of Prayer

“Don’t limit God’s answers to your limited understanding,” the author says.

Asteroid Gets Name of Adventist Teen in Brazil

Bruna Pontes is one of the youngest people to officially lend her name to an object in space.

Celebrating Every Milestone on the Road to Recovery

At Adventist hospital, employees are committed to caring for the whole person.

New Vegan Restaurant Opens During a Pandemic

In Los Angeles, California, United States, Adventist couple credits God’s leading for their success.

From Atheist to Elder

Yvon Gauthier never thought he would find the God he rejected in the midst of his trials.

Tuned to God's Call

Tuned to God’s Call

Former King’s Heralds singer Mark Ringwelski shares how he keeps moving where the Lord leads.

Reaching the World Next Door

Adventist Academy Impacts Community Family to Be Baptized

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