How God Is Using a Chaplain With No Sense of Smell

Alfred Kambaki shares how the Lord has helped him to see people beyond the surface.

From Mud Floors to a Career in the Clouds

My miracle of Adventist Education.

South Pacific Church Leaders Will Embark on Faith-sharing Cycling Adventure

Six cyclists are scheduled to cover around 1,000 miles (1,600 kilometers) in 14 days.

Local Church Explores Creative Approach to Temperance in the U.S.

Part of evangelism budget is being used to teach health principles to the community.

No Limits on God

Social work student rallies donors to support those affected by U.S. tornadoes.

Inter-American Division Local Church Elders Honored as ‘God-given Gifts’

Annual event celebrates more than 43,000 who completed their certification in 2021.

Digital Evangelism Opens Opportunities to Reach Chinese Expatriates

It is an instrument to break down barriers, leaders in the Southern Asia-Pacific say.

Giving Back Through Baking, Sewing, and Repairing

In Canada, initiative helps those recovering from addictions to think past their struggles.

‘Things Reached the Point Where I Was No Longer Sure of My Life.’

An ADRA Sudan worker shares how she felt led by God amid grueling circumstances.

How ADRA Is Helping Farmers Adapt to Climate Change in Nepal

The agency is teaching them how to succeed at goat raising and market gardening.

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