Adventist Center in the U.S. Celebrates Martin Luther King Jr. Day with Service Projects

Volunteer initiatives involved church and community members in Coatesville, Pennsylvania.

Do You Want to Be Successful? Then Be Emotionally Intelligent Like Jesus!

At the AYC Conference in Australia, Adventist psychologist shares tips for thriving.

How to Become an Influencer: The Salt of the Earth

Presentation at AYC Conference in Australia calls young Adventists to reach out.

Adventist Leaders Launch Health Clinic at the Southern Asia-Pacific Division

New facilities in the Philippines will cater to the community and church employees, they say.

Youth Conference Opens with a Call to ‘Put Ourselves in the Stories of the Bible’

AYC Australia’s annual event draws hundreds of young Adventists to Melbourne.

Adventist University in Haiti Closes Temporarily after Incident with Armed Men

Students were sent home, and faculty and staff have been told to stay off the campus.

Adventist-Owned Ice Cream Parlor in Malaysia Offers Taste, Positive Influence

For more than five decades, the restaurant has been a trusted community hub.

Jamaican Official Urges Adventist Churches to Protect and Prioritize Children

Protecting children is not just a responsibility but also a divine calling, she says.

Antillean Adventist University Board Elects New President

Edwin Hernández will replace Myrna Colón, who retires in June.

Friedensau Adventist University Turns 125 in 2024

On February 11, the library will open its doors to visitors for an anniversary exhibition.

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