Is the Spirit of God Withdrawing from the Earth?

As the world unravels, this is perhaps the best time to reveal God’s character to others.

Space and Time

On being insignificant in the universe—except to God

How Ministering to Children Has Changed

What’s the state of children’s ministry in the pandemic era? And what is Pester Power?

Let’s Focus on What Unites Us

Europe’s 2022 Adventist Youth Congress has ended, but the journey has just begun.

Fill Every Baptistry

A young man’s story highlights the importance of new baptismal initiative.

A Moral Purpose of the Biblical Story

Rising above reductionism

In the Shadow of the Decree

Times have changed. Revelation 13 has not. How to understand the final crisis scenario and multiple reasons to believe it.

Never Underestimate the Potential of Young European Adventists

AYC22 hints that for the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Europe, the best is yet to come.

‘Walk through the Door that God Is Opening before You’

Europe’s 2022 Adventist Youth Congress starts with a call for unplugging to find true rest.

Students Help Reclaim Role of Women in Adventist History

Pacific Union College team assists in recovering long-buried information, stories.

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