2024: America’s Final Free Election?

The disintegration of civil discourse portends a frightening future.

Languishing: Have You Been Feeling Blah Lately?

Struggling to concentrate? Finding it difficult to get excited? What can you do about it?

Water Means More than You Might Think

Water means food and self-reliance, education and opportunities, and protection.

Divisions in the Orthodox World: An Unfolding Tragedy that Challenges Christian Witness

The deep religious conflict behind the Ukraine-Russia war.

Headship Matters

What the Bible does—and doesn’t—say about male headship

From Online Advertising to Bible Study and Baptism

Digital mission drives surge across Spain as hundreds sign up for Bible studies.

‘Regenerate’: In Search of Spiritual Renewing

U.S. regional festival prompts young people to renew their commitment to Jesus.

How a Congregation Stayed Connected through the Pandemic

Golden Gate All Nations shifted to other services, countries, and means to keep in touch.

Colombian Pastors Bring Evangelism to the U.S.

Exchange initiative to connect Hispanic churches was successful, leaders said.

Is Religion an Exclusive Club?

Let’s take it a step further. Do you believe God is exclusive?

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