Crypto and the Hidden Kingdom

General Conference associate treasurer Tim Aka shares his thoughts on the intersection of cryptocurrencies, blockchain, and Adventist innovation

New Volume Delves into the ‘Silent Majority’ History and Culture in the Levant

Andrews University anthropologist Øystein S. LaBianca completes a decade-long project.

The Challenge of Politics and Faith

Are the political positions we take creating divides in our churches?

Sensory Assault and Superior Attraction by Ty Gipson

Sensory Assault and Superior Attraction

The way to dispel darkness is to admit light

Guns or roses? Should Christians use guns?

Guns or Roses?

Civil Conversation about Uncivil Options

Adventists in Remote Siberian Town Celebrate Church Building Inauguration

In Severobaikalsk, church members, leaders, and guests meet for worship, thanksgiving.

‘Grandpa, There’s a Tornado of Smoke in the Backyard’

When disaster strikes, showing compassion to those who suffer always goes a long way.

The Demon of Unkindness

The Demon of Unkindness

Something has been infecting us lately, and it isn’t COVID-19.

Keep Calm and Trust God

Keep Calm and Trust God

As we commence this new year, let us remember that God is powerful to see us through.

Could He Be Right

Could He Be Right?

Are we closer to the Savior this New Year than last New Year?

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