It’s Not OK

Silence is not an option.

A Measured Response

A Day on the Road with Ted Wilson

Five sermons and a road scare do not tire Adventist Church leader.

NAD Ministerial Association Focuses on Training for Church Revitalization

Inaugural boot camp highlights the region’s new emphasis on church growth.

Answer the Phone

Where have you been? The whole county has been searching for you!

What I Learned from Restoring a 100-Year-Old Desk

An Adventist pastor in the U.S. shares how his hobby reminded him about salvation.

When Ted Wilson Preached to an Empty Field in the Philippines

What looked like a curse turned out to be a blessing.

Oakwood University Celebrates 125 Years of God’s Providence

The historically Black Adventist college opened its doors on November 16, 1896.

Adventists’ Passion for Service Is a Force to Be Reckoned With

At the AMEN conference, attendees give away snapshots of their commitment to service.

Caught Napping

What did Jesus mean when He commanded us to “be watchful and pray”?

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