The Manly Way to Lead

What Does the Bible Say About Male Headship—and Leadership?

Adventist Academy in Thailand Remains Resilient Despite Challenges

In a remote location near the Thai border with Myanmar, school keeps making a difference.

The Middle East and North Africa Union After 10 Years

Statistics and personal testimonies paint a remarkable story of growth.

Are Adventist One-room Schools Relics of the Past? 

Why some believe they offer unique features that families and teachers still value.

How to Talk to Children About War in Ukraine

An Adventist teacher shares what she and others are doing to reassure students.

How Youth Ministry Changed My Life and Continues to Change Others

Why young church members should remain a priority in the Adventist Church.

The Day My Buddhist Student Asked to Pray

How often do we see Adventist schools as centers of evangelism?

Lives Changed Through Listening

Radio programming and resources are making a difference in the lives of others.

The Boy With No Future

What spiritual lessons can we learn from Jesse Owens’ amazing life story?

Of Rains, Floods, and a Strong Foundation

Only following Jesus’ guidance can take us safely through the storms of life.

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