April 3, 2020

Caring for Caregivers During This Pandemic

Adventist Review continues its Pivot Points series with an episode titled “Secure and Sound.” Three experts focus on how to relate and minister to certain special populations and caregivers during this pandemic, including pastors, missionaries, and parents of dependent children. These are some of the people whom others lean on to provide a sense of security within society, especially during moments of crisis. 

We ask the experts, What particular needs do these groups have? How are the nature and forms of spiritual and psychological care changing in a social distancing environment? How can we be sensitive to what these caregivers are experiencing in the midst of caring for others? 

Our guests are Ann Hamel, counselor and therapist in Berrien Springs, Michigan, United States, who works with missionary families; Nick Howard, a counselor and therapist from Aurora, Illinois, who works frequently with pastors; and Cintia Paseggi, a therapist from Ottawa, Canada who specializes in families and children. The conversation is facilitated by Bill Knott, executive editor at Adventist Review Ministries.

Once again, we hope that you will find the conversation clear, informative, and hopeful and that you will share it with others.