ADRA Mobilizes Earthquake Aid for Thousands in Türkiye, Syria

The agency is stepping up emergency response efforts after devastating quake.

Adventist Development and Relief Agency
ADRA Mobilizes Earthquake Aid for Thousands in Türkiye, Syria
ADRA emergency response teams at earthquake ground zero in Syria. [Photo: ADRA Syria]

The Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) is stepping up emergency response efforts to assist victims of the powerful earthquake that struck southern Türkiye and northwest Syria just before sunrise on Monday, February 6, 2023.

The 7.8-magnitude earthquake and more than 140 aftershocks devastated the region near Nurdağı and Gaziantep, injuring more than 13,000 people and killing at least 5,000, according to UN reports that are still being updated. Authorities claim the quake was the strongest in more than a century.

“An ADRA disaster response unit is already on the ground assessing the situation and collaborating with local governments and trusted partners. Rescue and evacuation operations are still ongoing in both Türkiye and Syria, and ADRA’s country office in Syria, which has two locations, will be manning the emergency response in the affected region,” Mario Oliveira, emergency response management director for ADRA International, said. “As our emergency assessment progresses and we determine the critical needs of many thousands of reported victims, ADRA will be ready to help by providing aid such as multipurpose cash assistance, essential supplies, food, and shelter.”

More than 5,000 buildings, including hospitals, were destroyed, according to local authorities. The disaster had a significant impact on northwest Syria, where more than 4 million people are currently in need of humanitarian assistance. The vast majority are women and children.

“For over ten years, ADRA offices have been implementing a variety of humanitarian relief projects, including shelter, health, and education initiatives for refugee families and children in the region. In the aftermath of this massive disaster, ADRA remains committed to assisting vulnerable communities and families in rebuilding their lives. Please keep Syria and Türkiye in your thoughts and prayers,” Kelly Dowling, emergency response manager for ADRA International, said.

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This story was updated on February 13, 2023. The original version of this story was posted by the Adventist Development and Relief Agency.

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