Tor Tjeransen

‘There Goes an Adventist Statesman’

Leaders remember the invaluable contribution of Bert B. Beach, who died on December 14.

Bert B. Beach, Adventist Religious Liberty Pioneer, Dies at 94

For decades, Beach was the face of the Seventh-day Adventist Church to other faiths and civic entities.

Nordic Church and Supporting Ministries Meet for Mission

Leaders’ summit at LifeStyleTV seeks to enhance outreach initiatives across the region.

Adventists Have 97 Percent Lower Risk of Dying in a Car Crash

Research compared Adventist and Baptist males in Denmark against the general population.

Precious Bible Found Unharmed After Devastating Blaze

In Norway, church member gives all credit to God.

Runs, Push-ups, and a Live Auction Raise Record Funds for ADRA Norway

Adventist School Gets Best Individual Result in 30 Years

Adventist Church president in Norway Raises Thousands for ADRA in Marathon

Adventist School Is the Best in Norway

Norwegian Adventists Engage With Public, Meet Politicians at Street Fair

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