Sheann Brandon

From Smallest Pacemaker Recipient to High School Graduate

Alexavier Zipp’s story is a testimony of God’s intervention and top-notch pediatric care.

A Guide to Your Kids and Screen Time

A little may be helpful; a lot is damaging. Find out here how much is too much.

From Grandma with Love

When Giselle, 4, needed a kidney transplant, her grandmother Isabel didn’t hesitate.

‘Ready for What?’ A Doctor Shares His Survival Journey through COVID-19

Merrick Lopez served at LLU Children’s Hospital during the worst of the pandemic.

Traumatic Experiences in the Family Linked to Health Risks in Children

Philanthropic Effort Closes After Raising More than US$476 Million

Newsweek Includes LLU Children’s Hospital in Best Maternity Care List

Cutting-edge Treatment Offers Hope to Infant With Spinal Muscular Atrophy

Doctors Save Pregnant Mom Dying From COVID-19 and Her Premature Baby

Doctor Establishes Comprehensive Treatment for Sickle Cell and Hemophilia Patients

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