North American Division

AdventHealth Renewed Alliance with Walt Disney World Is Producing Results

Adventist health care organization breaks ground on emergency room inside the park.

Intentional Program to Reach Out to Youth Launches Virtually

The 2022 Growing Together initiative gathered nearly 150 leaders from 40 churches.

Adventist Community Services Gets Ready to Assist in Tornado-Ravaged States

Multiple church regions across central U.S. are working to keep up with the situation.

Multiply, Media, Mentorship

North American Division discusses how to grow and nurture the church in the coming years.

‘God Was with His Church through the Giving of His People’

North American Division treasurer Randy Robinson presents his annual report.

Oakwood University Signs Lease with Huntsville Hospital for Community Care

North American Division Leaders Call for Support of Asian-American Community

Adventist Church Continues to Advocate for Religious Protections in LGBT Civil Rights Legislation

‘Something Better’ for Adventist Education in North America

In the U.S., Adventist Pastor and Family Are Victims of a Hate Crime

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