Loma Linda University Health News

Veteran Donates Kidney to Ex-husband

Transplant was performed at Loma Linda University Health after he lived two years without kidneys.

Former LLU President Norman Woods Dies at 88

He was known for his calmness in a time of progress, major changes, and transitions.

Reconstructive Surgery Gives Tanner a Shot at a Normal Life

Sixteen years after his fingers were mutilated by a shredder, he is ready to start college.

From Smallest Pacemaker Recipient to High School Graduate

Alexavier Zipp’s story is a testimony of God’s intervention and top-notch pediatric care.

Loma Linda Will Expand Violence Prevention Initiative

US$5.1-million grant will help increase support for those affected by trauma injuries.

A Guide to Your Kids and Screen Time

A little may be helpful; a lot is damaging. Find out here how much is too much.

Hispanic Center of Excellence in Pharmacy a First in U.S.

US$3.4-million-grant will help Loma Linda University establish the new program.

Loma Linda East Campus Celebrates 40 Years of Achievements

The institution has acted as a one-stop shop for access to medical care in specialty fields.

Tobacco Research Program Awarded More than US$1 Million

Grants will support transdisciplinary efforts to save lives through informed decisions.

Ultra-Processed Foods, Red Meat Result in Higher Mortality

Loma Linda University study shows negative impact on human health and longevity.

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