Isabella Koh

National Geographic Explorer Returns from Research in Brazil

Andrews University professor Daniel Gonzalez-Socoloske specializes in mammal ecology and conservation.

Andrews University Holds Key Board Corporation Meeting

The first in seven years, it included final presidential report by retiring Andrea Luxton.

Andrews University Observes Native American Heritage Month

National commemoration in the U.S. prompts lectures and discussions on campus.

Conference at Andrews University Explores Adventist Identity

It is a much-needed discussion in the 21st century, event organizers said.

More than 1,100 Students Gather for a Day of Service

Andrews University’s sixth annual Change Day serves communities around campus.

Where Ministry and Mission Intersect

André Rodrigues shares what he learned in the mission field and why he plans to return.

Andrews University Secures Grant to Help Exploring Vocation

Monies will be applied to fund initiatives at the school’s Career Center.

Equipping People as Social Innovators and Entrepreneurs for Mission

Andrews University leadership program adds social innovation concentration.

Engage Conference Emphasizes Innovative Ministries for Student Involvement

Organizers said they hope young people learned how to live life with purpose.

Andrews University Increases Use of Senior Research Professor Category

Designation allows retired scholars to remain professionally active and connected.

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