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Adventists in Canada Remember 30 Years of Landmark Sabbath Decision

A win at the Supreme Court opened the door for more religious accommodations, leaders say.

From Atheist to Elder

Yvon Gauthier never thought he would find the God he rejected in the midst of his trials.

Christmas in the Arctic

Nella Mwamuka is enduring frigid cold to bring warmth to the Canadian north.

Adventist Academy Students Make a Difference at a School 8,000 Miles Away

In Canada, Social Justice class raises funds to provide sanitary pads to Kenyan girls.

The Spiritual Depot: A Home Away From Home

‘All They Want Is to Make Everyone a Vegetarian!’

The School, the Church, and Scores of Jars of Applesauce

High-Tech Gifts Open Up the World for Schoolchildren in Dominica

‘We are not saved to be hermits in a cave.’

A Winter Storm, an Unresponsive Plane Engine, and the Hand of God

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